How do you like your eggs?

egg mould

After a few years in the doldrums as the scapegoat of the high cholesterol brigade, the humble egg is well and truly back in fashion, both for its health properties and its versatility. While they are an essential baking component and make an excellent breakfast, eggs are also a great option for healthy lunches. Apart from the basic egg mayonnaise sandwich, a traditional British favourite, you can tart up your salads with hard boiled eggs, which look particularly decorative when sliced and laid on top. Hard boiled eggs are also a useful protein provider in vegetarian meals.

Kids seem naturally drawn to eggs, so it’s not usually too much of a challenge to get them to eat them. However if your child is not sure, or is happy enough with soft boiled and soldiers or scrambled on toast but not keen to experiment further, there are lots of cute accessories to encourage them. There are various shaped rings in which to create funky shaped fried eggs, pretty egg cups and all sorts of imaginative egg storage ideas plus quaint, old fashioned devices such as egg toppers that add a sophisticated touch to breakfast.

However if you’re keen to go for hard boiled eggs as a practical and healthy packed lunch choice, take a look at Wares of Knutsford’s more unusual options, such as egg moulds.

Heart egg mould

This neat, red plastic heart shaped box is a fun way to liven up your salads, lunch boxes and picnics. Peel a hard boiled egg and place it in the egg mould, then press closed. A perfect, heart shaped egg will emerge that will entertain kids and adults alike. The result can be left whole or sliced and the mould is dishwasher safe.

Car shaped egg mould

This funky blue car mould works in the same way as the heart egg mould above and is a sure fire way to encourage children to enjoy eggs.

Cooking with eggs

Eggs aren’t difficult to work with but there are a number of tools to make life easier. For soft boiled eggs, a good timer is essential to make sure everyone gets their egg done exactly to their liking. A colour changing version is pretty foolproof. Egg separators can also be useful if you do a lot of baking. Bear in mind too that these kinds of interesting accessories can encourage children to enjoy cooking with, in addition to eating, eggs.

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