Homemade liqueurs in bottles with corks

Tall Bottles with Corks

Tall Bottles with Corks

Homemade liqueurs in bottles with corks

It is always nice to give beautiful gifts at Christmas time, especially if these gifts have been lovingly handmade and presented in the best possible way. Just because a gift is homemade, there is no reason to think that it can’t look every inch as elegant and sophisticated as its shop-bought equivalent. Here we take a look at how to create some luxury Christmas gifts in the shape of homemade liqueurs.

When it comes to making homemade liqueurs, nothing could be easier. Spiced rum infused with cinnamon, star anise, orange and allspice is a very festive treat and will undoubtedly be warmly received by the recipient. Vodka and gin can be infused with hedgerow berries, such as blackberries, sloes or crab apples, and are so easy to make – just find a recipe online or simply adapt a basic sloe gin recipe and experiment. Other indulgent liqueurs you can make yourself include homemade amaretto, cherry brandy or coffee liqueurs. If you have pumpkin flesh to use up, why not try a spiced pumpkin infused rum liqueur for something out of the ordinary?

Whatever liqueurs you choose to create, the secret to the overall luxury effect is in the presentation. Choose your glass bottles wisely to ensure they add to the sense of luxury and elegance.

Small bottles with corks

Our 250ml Nocturne glass bottle is stylishly shaped and the perfect size for making a set ofthree smaller liqueurs to give as a gift set. Try a gin, vodka and brandy trio and present them in one of our decorative gift bags or boxes, trimmed with ribbon and topped off with a beautiful Christmas label. Alternatively, the 750ml Triple Bottle in One is a unique way to present three different liqueurs, with three glass bottles stacking one on top of the other. With different coloured liqueurs in each bottle, this would certainly make an eye-catching gift.

Larger bottles with corks

If you would prefer to use a full-sized glass bottle for your gifts, we have plenty from which to choose. The 700ml Howarth bottle looks just like the glass bottles favoured by many boutique gin producers. Try bottling your own rhubarb and ginger gin in one of these bottles to get the exact look the professionals strive for. Fans of the Kilner brand will also be pleased to learn that there is a Kilner spirit bottle in the range, which holds a respectable 700ml. A homemade berry liqueur would look fabulous in this bottle, trimmed with ribbon and sporting a festive gift tag.

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