Homemade face creams in cosmetic jars

Jar of white body care cosmetic cream, herbal oil extract bottle, fresh calendula flowers.

Homemade face creams in cosmetic jars

It is hard to switch on the TV without coming across another advert for a face cream, making wild claims about the rejuvenating properties of the cream and glossing it with talk of miracle ingredients with unpronounceable names. Taking a closer look at the ingredients list and the price tag is a good incentive to think about making your own unique face creams to put you 100 per cent in control of the ingredients you add to that clear glass cosmetic jar. Here we take a look at a simple homemade face cream recipe to get you started.

Fill those cosmetic jars

Before you embark on creating your very first homemade face cream, don’t forget that you will need jars to store it in. We have a range of suitable jars, from our 15ml clear glass cosmetic jar up to a 500ml jar. Our Laurence frosted jars are every inch as stylish as shop-bought cosmetics; therefore, there is no need to compromise on looks.


¼ cup cocoa butter
7 tbsp almond oil
4 tbsp shea butter
1 tbsp beeswax
½ cup aloe vera gel
½ cup hydrosol (floral water) or distilled water ½ tsp vitamin E oil
6 drops essential oils to suit your own tastes


– Sterilise the jars.

– Melt the cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.

– Separately, combine the aloe vera gel with the hydrosol. You can use distilled water rather than hydrosol if preferred.

– When the oils have melted, pour them into a bowl with the almond oil and blend well using a mixer or blender. Slowly pour in the aloe and water mix, continuing to blend thoroughly until the mixture becomes thick and creamy. Add the vitamin E oil and essential oils, ensuring they are mixed thoroughly.

– Pour the cream into the sterilised jars and seal with the lids. Any cream not likely to be used within one month should be stored in the fridge, where it will keep for up to six months.

The essential oils you use for this face cream can be varied to suit your own tastes. Orange and lemongrass give a fresh, zesty scent, whilst frankincense will add a deeper, more opulent note. Experiment to find what suits you best.

More ideas for cosmetic jars

Once the homemade cosmetics bug bites, it will be hard to stop; for example, you can also try homemade hand creams and body scrubs. Soon you will be ditching those expensive high street brands in favour of your own unique skincare range.

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