Glass cosmetic jars for homemade face cream

Glass cosmetic jars for homemade face cream

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If you have dry or sensitive skin, you have probably lost count of the various creams and moisturisers you have used over the years and the money you have spent on them. It can be incredibly hard for people with this skin type to find products that work and that don’t make things even worse – even high-end moisturisers and face creams from leading brands can be too harsh for many people and it becomes a long struggle to find something that lives up to its promises. If you recognise this problem, why not have a go at making your own face cream to be 100 per cent in control of what you put on your face?

Filling your own glass cosmetic jars

Making your own face creams is much easier than you might think and you only need a few simple ingredients that can be found readily in most health food shops or chemists. Here is a simple recipe for a dry skin face cream:


120ml olive oil
120ml coconut oil
60ml beeswax pellets (cosmetic grade)
6-10 drops essential oil of your choice


– Put the olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax in a glass bowl or jug and place this in a saucepan of water. Heat the pan very gently, stirring the mixture until it has melted and is fully mixed together.
– Pour away the hot water and add cold water to the pan. Place the bowl back in the pan of water so that the water cools the mixture quickly.
– Add your chosen essential oil to give the cream a pleasant scent.
– Use an electric whisk to whip the mixture into a thick and creamy moisturiser.
– Spoon the mixture into clean cosmetic jars and seal.

As this mixture is so rich and creamy, you only need a very small amount at a time and you need to rub it in well.

Glass cosmetic jars for a professional look 

Jar of white body care cosmetic cream, herbal oil extract bottle, fresh calendula flowers.

Although you have decided to experiment with homemade cosmetics, you still want them to look just as good as shop-bought ones; therefore, choosing the right cosmetic jars is essential. We have an extensive range of cosmetic jars here at Wares to suit all kinds of homemade projects. For the face cream in today’s post, we would recommend either the 100ml Laurence frosted jar or the 250ml clear glass cosmetic jar. The clear jar is simple but stylish, whilst the Laurence jar offers a sophisticated look that will not be out of place alongside all your brand-name cosmetics.

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