Plastic Jars for Home Storage

Plastic Jars for Home Storage

Variety Chinese New Year cookies in plastic jars

With the nights drawing in and Christmas approaching, many of us start to think about getting ready for the festive season. For some, this brings a feeling of panic about having to declutter the house and have a good old tidy-up before the in-laws arrive for Christmas lunch. If your kitchen looks like it needs a decluttering makeover, help is at hand. Today, we explain how to get organised in simple steps so that you can tackle your clutter in an effective way.

Plastic jars are the answer

Are you sometimes afraid to open a kitchen cupboard for fear of packets of food falling out onto the floor? Do you despair when trying to find the stock cubes or a packet of sultanas on your shelves? The answer to this common problem is to organise the contents of your kitchen cupboards using plastic jars and storage containers.

If you use a range of plastic jars to store items such as flour, sugar, cereals, pasta and biscuits, it makes it easy to keep everything neatly arranged. Plastic sweet jars, such as the ones we used to see in the sweet shop when we were small, are ideal for kitchen storage. It is easy to spot at a glance what is in each jar; in addition, they sit neatly side by side on your shelves, maximising space. With screw top lids, plastic sweet jars are airtight and will keep their contents fresh and safe from harmful germs.

For smaller items, simply use smaller jars and stack them on top of one another to keep everything in order. Buy different coloured lids to build a colour-coded system to help find the right jar quickly. Try to place similar items together on the shelves to make finding things as easy as possible; for example, store all your home baking supplies together, all pasta items together, and all herbs and spices together.

Our range of plastic jars

We have a huge range of plastic sweet jars to help you get your kitchen clutter under control. The traditional large sweet shop jars are available in 3,907ml and 4,430ml sizes, whilst the half-sized, square jars come in 2,534ml and 2,667ml sizes. Our spherical plastic PET jars are also hugely popular as child-friendly biscuit containers. As they are plastic, they stand up to wear and tear and can survive being knocked off the counter by eager biscuit hunters!

Plastic storage works well elsewhere in the house, of course. Try these techniques in the bathroom, the children’s playroom or a craft or hobby room for an instant tidiness overhaul.

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