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Wares of Knutsford was originally known as a preserving specialist. While preserving remains the mainstay of our business and our passion, we have been gradually increasing the breadth and scope of our business to include a vast range of other kitchenwares. At all times we have been careful to maintain the traditional values which have distinguished our brand, so you will find a wealth of time proven kitchen products for baking, kitchen tools and gadgets, enamelware, household management products and other cooking accessories. We have also taken great care to try and make our website as accessible and easy to navigate as possible, with products arranged in clearly separated departments so you can find what you’re looking for with the minimum of fuss. Today we want to introduce you to our home brew website department.

Wares of Knutsford as a home brewing website

What is home brewing if not a form of preserving? While we are not setting ourselves up as a home brew website specifically, we believe home brewing is completely within our remit. Our home brewing category was introduced by popular demand and contains all you need to set out from scratch as a home brewer or to continue with a long practised hobby.

What you will find in our home brewing website department

Our home brewing website department encompasses white and red wine, lager, cider and bitter. We sell various components separately along with a number of useful kits containing all the equipment you need. You can buy bottles and caps, bottle brushes, air locks, hydrometers, siphons, thermometers, trial jars and various other paraphernalia or go for the Kilner Complete Starter Kit, containing all the equipment you need except bottles and ingredients.

Alternatively you can buy complete sets for brewing bitter, cider or lager with both equipment and the ingredients for 40 pints of lager or bitter and 35 pints of cider, you just need to add water. You can also buy separate ingredients only kits for 35 pints of cider or 40 pints of lager or bitter, or for six standard 75cl bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio wine to use with your existing equipment. Clear instructions are provided with all the kits.

You will also find a vast array of bottles for all kinds of drinks, which you can buy as you need or bulk buy to receive a quantity discount.

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