Home Brewing Gifts for Dad

home brewing gifts

Dads can be difficult to buy for. Forget about the usual novelty socks or jumper for his birthday or Father’s Day this year; instead, look at Wares of Knutsford’s home brewing gifts. Our home brewing department contains some of our most popular products and should provide him with hours of happy brewing and drinking.

Complete sets home brewing gifts from Wares of Knutsford

If this is a new hobby, the easiest way to introduce your dad to home brewing is with one of our complete kits. Made by Kilner, the kits are available with all the equipment you need, including a fermentation bucket; thermometer; hydrometer; the ingredients to make bitter, cider or lager; and detailed instructions. All dad has to do is add water. Alternatively, you can buy him the Kilner Complete Starter Kit, which contains all the equipment needed, and he can add either his own ingredients or use one of our Kilner Make Your Own ingredients kits.

The Make Your Own series of kits include all the ingredients needed to make your own bitter, lager, cider and red or white wine – cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio – for dads who already have the equipment. These kits make it really easy to create a professional-tasting home brew at a bargain price.

Home brewing gifts accessories

If your dad already has some home brewing experience, you can complement his hobby with some excellent beer making gifts. The two-gallon barrel drinks dispenser comes with a secure clip top so that drinks stay fresh inside; in addition, there is a neat tap at the bottom for easy pouring. Two gallons is the equivalent of seven litres. This traditional-style dispenser is a great way for your dad to show off and share his home brew.

Kilner handled drinking jars are another great gift, available in clear and coloured glass. You can buy them singly or as a nine-piece mug and straw set, which includes two handled mugs with lids, straws and a recipe booklet, all in a smart presentation box.

Alternatively, you can stock him up with some of the essentials. In our home brewing department, you can buy a vast range of bottles suitable for home brewing of wine, beer and spirits, caps and capping devices, swing stoppers, bottle brushes, air locks, hydrometers, mixing spoons, siphons and taps, thermometers, and trial jars.

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