The history of the Le Parfait jar

The history of the Le Parfait jar

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When we think of preserving jars, the number one brand that most people mention is Kilner, possibly followed by Mason and Ball. These iconic brands have rightly earned a place in preserving history; however, there are a few other names in the world of home preserves that are less well known – at least in the UK – but are just as worthy of recognition. One such company is Le Parfait. We have decided to turn the spotlight on this premium brand in today’s blog post to highlight how the brand has developed over the years and what it has to offer.

The origins of Le Parfait jars

Founded back in the 1930s, in Reims, France, Le Parfait has been a household name in France for decades. Building up a loyal customer base over the years through France’s traditional grocery stores and artisan food producers, the firm has much the same reverential following in France as Kilner has in the UK and Ball has in the US. Le Parfait jars typically include an embossed logo on the front of the jar and a distinctive bright orange rubber seal on the clip top jars; in addition, the company produces a range of screw top jars under the Familia Wiss name.

Over the years, the range has evolved to meet the needs of a changing customer base and to stay on trend whilst retaining the iconic good looks and superb functionality that made these jars so well-loved. More recent additions to the range include striking ‘orange top’ jars for storing tea, coffee, pasta or rice.

Our range of Le Parfait jars

We stock a range of Le Parfait and Familia Wiss jars in both traditional and contemporary styles. The smallest clip top jar is a 500ml jar, with jars in the clip top range varying in size right up to a whopping three-litre jar perfect for larger pickling projects such as pickled onions or preserved lemons.

There are some quite distinctive shapes in the Familia Wiss range, making these jars perfect for terrines and more unusual preserves. The smallest Familia Wiss jar is 200ml, with other sizes including 350ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml. If you like the vintage French look, these jars are perfect for you.

The orange top jars we mentioned earlier are available in sizes ranging from one litre up to three litres. These will look fabulous lined up on an open kitchen shelf displaying dried goods such as pasta, rice, flour and oats.

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