High Quality Casserole Dishes

casserole dishes
Wares of Knutsford offers a wide range of casserole dishes, an essential part of healthy comfort food cooking to keep you cosy and warm this winter.

Cast iron casserole dishes

The classic dishes for casseroles are made of heavy duty cast iron, thanks to its durability and heat distribution properties. Giving an efficient and even spread of heat, your stews and casseroles will be evenly cooked, avoiding hot spots. The Wares of Knutsford versions come with a red exterior vitreous enamel coating and cream interior for hygiene and impermeability. Available in 2.5 litre, 3.8 litre and five litre sizes, the dishes can be used in the oven, on all kinds of hobs, under the grill and in solid fuel ranges. A pair of wide handles and a round knob on the lid makes them easy to lift and use while the dishes are dishwasher safe and come with a fifteen year guarantee. Not only do these dishes cook beautifully, they are also attractive enough to go from the oven straight to the table for serving.

Stoneware casserole dishes

Another popular material for casserole dishes, stoneware is also durable and easy clean. Wares of Knutsford’s Rayware Gourmet Kitchen Collection of dishes for casserole comes with a smart white finish including an integrated handle that won’t disgrace any table and is suitable for baking and roasting food along with casseroles and stews. The Rayware Gourmet Kitchen Collection is safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, freezer and microwave, making it ideal for both amateur and professional cooks and comes with a free recipe idea. Sizes include a mini 0.25 litre dish, 2.25 litres, and three litres.

The Harvest Round Casserole range is more rustic and traditional looking with a rich, brown country kitchen style exterior glaze and white interior. It comes in 1.5 litre and three litre sizes, with a domed lid and integrated handle. It too is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. A number of matching brown pottery oven to table items are available including roasting, pie, flan and gratin dishes.

The Mason Cash Terracotta casserole dish range is particularly interesting and stylish. A soft terracotta, matt exterior is complemented by a glazed interior for easy cleaning. This range of dishes is ideal for rice based recipes or slow cooking and, long with a deep, 2.5 litre lidded dish includes three open dishes that can also be used for tapas and pies.

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