Halloween Craft Ideas

halloween craft ideas

While ‘glass half empty’ types may be lamenting the end of summer, the more optimistic are eagerly anticipating the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Each season has its apex in a celebration of some kind – winter has Christmas, spring has Easter, summer has beach holidays and barbeques and autumn has Halloween and its very English sibling, Bonfire Night. Whether you consider it a ghastly American import or a great opportunity for over the top home decoration, Halloween crafts and cooking up delicious treats, you have to admit that it’s a colourful way of breaking up the darker months.

While a lot of Halloween crafts focus around pumpkins – decorating them and eating them, the motifs and colours traditional to the season allow for a lot of imaginative interpretation. Here are a couple of ideas to encourage you if you’re not quite ready yet to accept the turn of the season.

Halloween craft ideas for the home

Halloween tea light holders are simple Halloween craft ideas and a very cute way of decorating both inside and outside your home for a party or just to introduce young children to the fun. They’re simple, inexpensive and very effective. You will need a selection of glass jars and some glass paint.

First, cover your jars with a background colour. The traditional colours of Halloween should be your inspiration here, so oranges and reds, maybe white for ghosts or green for witches. Then use a felt tip pen to stencil a pattern to fill in – ghoulish faces are ideal or, if you’re artistic, you could attempt a witch flying across the face of the moon upon her broomstick. Consider also bats, black cats, frogs or other classic Halloween motifs. Fill in your felt pen outlines with black glass paint and finish off the rims with a stripe of black for a neat framing effect, then set with a spray of finishing glaze.

As darkness falls across the land, put a tea light in each and watch the ghostly silhouettes come to life!

Halloween craft ideas for children

You’ll have to sacrifice a wooden spoon from your kitchen for this cute bat puppet! Paint the spoon black all over and allow to dry. Meanwhile cut out two small triangles in black cardboard to form ears, then a large cardboard wing. Glue the spoon in the centre of the wings, bowl upwards. Glue the ears to the top of the bowl, then glue on two beads for eyes. Use a glitter pen to add a small mouth.

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