Growing Fruit and Vegetables in a Small Garden

growing vegetables in a small spaces

Planting and harvesting your own crops is great fun and can be very rewarding. There are lots of varieties you can try even if you don’t have lots of space. Growing vegetables in a small garden is easy if you plan carefully and choose the right crops.

Tips for growing vegetables in a small space

You want to make the most of your limited space so choose crops that do not take up too much room. Larger vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkins need lots of space so are best avoided. There is also little point in wasting precious garden space on vegetables that are very cheap to buy so opt for those that will represent a genuine saving. Many crops are available in dwarf varieties, meaning that the plants can be grown in containers and will take up less space. Use trellising to support vertical plants and make the most of the available room. Choose quick-growing crops with a fast turnaround and have seedlings ready for a second planting as soon as you have harvested your first batch. You could also have a go at inter-cropping, where two different types of plants are grown in the same space. Fast-growing vegetables such as radishes can be planted with slower-growing ones such as tomatoes, as these will have matured and been picked before the tomato plants are big enough to interfere with their growth.

Growing vegetables in a small space – crops to try

Quick-growing plants such as salad leaves are excellent options for smaller spaces and will be much tastier than those available from the supermarket. Climbing legumes such as mange tout, broad beans, peas and French beans can be grown up fences and trellises to make the most of the space as well as provide an attractive garden display. Courgettes and aubergines both grow well in containers whilst crops such as tomatoes and strawberries can be cultivated in planters or even hanging baskets. After harvesting, summer crops such as new potatoes and peas can be replaced by hardier vegetables such as winter cabbage, parsnips and beetroot that will still flourish even when the weather turns colder. Don’t waste space growing fruit and vegetables that you and your family do not particularly enjoy eating. Instead use your precious space to grow your very favourite garden treats.

Even if space is at a premium, growing vegetables in a small space is a fun hobby that people of all ages can enjoy, with some very tasty results!

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