Green Wine Bottles

Green Wine Bottles

For home wine brewers, achieving a sophisticated and professional look for their product is quite important to avoid unflattering descriptions revolving around the taste of feline urine! Home made wine can taste downright nasty or, with the help of a Kilner Make Your Own kit from Wares of Knutsford, can be an enjoyable and cost effective way to produce unique and affordable wine of premium quality. Wares of Knutsford offers clear and green wine bottles for home brewers.

750ml Bordeaux Green Wine Bottles

The Bordeaux green bottles come in the traditional wine bottle shape, with a screw cap Nova twist plastic top. You can buy the bottles in four pack sizes – six, 12, 24 and 36, with larger packs offering great savings.

These bottles are ideal to give a professional look to your home made wine, but remember to add a label detailing the contents and any storage instructions.

Once you’ve finished the wine, the bottles can be reused for your next round of brewing or as candle holders, plant pot irrigation or for a number of other creative purposes!

Why use green wine bottles?

The use of green glass for bottling wine comes down to a mixture of traditional and practicality. First of all, wine stored in plastic bottles does not last as long as wine in glass bottles. While you may think this is of no concern if plan to drink the wine quickly, the process of making, bottling and distributing can be a fairly slow process, so glass is used to preserve wine in its optimum condition.

The very first wine makers used clay urns to store wine, but noticed that this had an effect on the taste and was difficult to store, so the ever practical Romans introduced the glass wine bottle. While traditionally different shapes of bottle are used for wines of different regions, the Bordeaux bottle is a good all rounder and the most popular style these days. With its straight sides and high shoulders, it’s easy to stack and keeps the cork wet efficiently when stored sideways. Some straight sided bottles have a more sloping shoulder line and these are known as Burgundy bottles.

While clear glass bottles are suitable for wines which will be kept in a dark place or refrigerated, green glass is used for bottling to help preserve the flavour of wine. Red wine in particular can be compromised by exposure to UV light, which can degrade the flavour.

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