Green bean ideas

Green bean ideas

green string beans and knife closeup on wooden board

Summer is in full swing and it seems that we can barely harvest the produce of our vegetable plots and allotments fast enough. It is the time of year when we wonder whether our tomatoes will ripen before the end of summer, what we are going to do with all our courgettes, and whether we can come up with some new and tasty ways to cook our green beans. We can’t answer all these questions in a single blog post, so today we will tackle just one. Green beans are a delicious staple of many a vegetable patch and they are in season right now, just waiting to be used in all sorts of tasty dishes.

If you remember your mum cooking green beans when you were a child, you probably recall them being boiled or steamed to within an inch of their lives. This was the way everyone cooked vegetables back then; today, we have become altogether more cosmopolitan and adventurous, even with something as simple as a dish of green beans. Try blanching them for a couple of minutes in boiling water, then transferring them to a hot pan with a splash of olive oil, a knob of butter, some crushed garlic, the grated zest of a lemon, and a few chilli flakes. Suddenly, a plain dish of beans has been transformed into something altogether more exciting.

Kitchen utensils for perfect veg preparation

Part of the joy of cooking comes with taking time to prepare things carefully. Even a humble serving of beans can be elevated to something special with a tasty recipe and some careful preparation. If you would like to be able to prepare vegetables like the professional chefs, check out our kitchen accessories range for the perfect tools. Our rotary bean slicer, for example, will give you perfectly French-cut sliced beans of a uniform size.

More kitchen utensils to make life easy

We have plenty of other kitchen accessories to help you prepare and cook your food more elegantly. From professional grade knives to specialist graters, madeleines and hachoirs, we have everything you need to do a professional job. When you have the right tools to hand, cooking seems so much more fun and enjoyable – and the results speak for themselves.

There are plenty of fruits that are in season; of course, we also have tools to handle them. From apple corers and peelers to berry pickers and cherry pitters, we have the right tools for every job. Why not check out our range of kitchen accessories and gadgets today?

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