Gorgeous glass bottles to give as gifts

Gorgeous glass bottles to give as gifts 

Brandy in a beautiful bottle in front of modern background

Were you one of the many people who resolved to make more homemade gifts this year? Are you wondering how the end of February has arrived already and you still have not made a start on this resolution? Fear not, because today we are going to offer some inspiration for creative homemade gifts using some of our more unusual bottles. From gifts for food-lovers to pampering presents, we hope will be able to kick-start your resolution and help you to make some wonderful gifts.

Glass bottles for foodie gifts

The Triple Bottle is one of the most unusual items in our range – three bottles that stack cleverly on top of one another. This is perfect for gift making, as you can fill each bottle with something different – preferably in a different colour – to build a gift that looks stunning and offers three different foodie treats. Try one bottle with sloe gin, one with rhubarb gin and one with stinging nettle gin for something intriguing and delicious. This would give one ruby bottle, one deep green bottle and one dusty pink bottle – who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a quirky gift?

A Nocturne or Howarth glass bottle would also make a fabulous gift filled with something tempting. Apple and cinnamon whisky is a delight, and so easy to make. Simply add two sliced apples, two sticks of cinnamon and a vanilla pod to 750ml whisky in a large bottle or jar. Turn it every day for a month or so and then decant into our decorative bottles. Add a label and gift tag and you have a fine-looking gift ready to present to friends or family.

Glass bottles for other gifts

If you want to give a gift that is not food or alcohol, our bottle range is still worth a good look, as we have a bottle to suit every purpose. The Sonata bottle is so elegant, with its flared base and narrow neck, looking for all the world like a dancing lady. Filled with simple homemade bath oils in a range of colours, three of these would look heavenly and very luxurious.

Filling a bottle with pretty items from the great outdoors can make a lovely indoor decoration. Try filling a Nocturne glass with tiny pebbles, seashells or dried petals for a pretty and effective ornament.

There are so many things you can do with a glass bottle to turn it into a smart and unusual gift. With a little imagination, your homemade gift-giving resolution will be in full swing before you know it!

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