Glass Bottles for Storing Juice

glass juice bottles

There are lots of different ways to use seasonal fruit and vegetables, from making jams and chutneys to preserving them in oil or even turning them into wine. One of the simplest and most enjoyable options is to make fresh juices. Not only does this provide you with a healthy drink packed full of vitamins but allows you to taste produce at its very freshest.

Using glass juice bottles

Making fresh juice is a simple process that can be carried out in a number of ways. Special presses can be used for squeezing juice from citrus fruits such as oranges and limes. Some of these are motorised to make the task even easier. Fruit and vegetables can be pulped in a food mixer or blender to create refreshing drinks. Alternatively opt for a juicing machine which extracts all the juice, separating it from the fibrous husks, skins and seeds. Once you have created your juice, storing it correctly is very important. Fresh juices can quickly become discoloured from exposure to air, so decanting them into a glass juice bottle to keep in the fridge is a great option. Glass juice bottles for storing juice that can be tightly sealed with a twist-off lid are ideal to ensure the quality, flavour and appearance of your juice remain in optimum condition.

Recipes for your glass juice bottles

Juicing is a great way to make the most of a glut of a particular fruit or vegetable. Plain apple or orange juices are fresh and simple but there are lots of other options to try. Soft berries such as blackberries, blueberries or raspberries make refreshing juices packed with anti-oxidants. Mango or pineapple have a lovely exotic tropical flavour, especially with a twist of lime juice for extra zing. Apples form the basis for many juices as they have a lovely sweet flavour. Adding banana will give your juice a thicker texture and make it more like a smoothie, particularly if you also add a scoop of natural yoghurt. You can also make some fantastic juices from vegetables. Carrot, cucumber and celery is a popular option, whilst using fresh raw beetroot will give your juice an earthy sweetness. Peppers, spinach, and even fresh ginger can all be included for an extra boost of health and flavour.

Making juices from fruit and vegetables is a lovely way to make the most of the very best seasonal produce. Using bottles for storing juice will keep your drinks fresh and help them to last longer.

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