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Bargain hunting tends to work on some basic principles regardless of the target purchase. Certain rules apply whether you are buying food, clothes, office stationery or household goods of any kind.

Buying in bulk offers the possibility of quantity discounts, while serious economy buyers are happy to hunt for seconds, discontinued lines or damaged stock. The other way to achieve discounted prices is to wait for the kind of sales that usually happen at the end of summer or over Christmas.

However discounting is not the only way to find bargains. Since the advent of online shopping retailers have been in a position to sell at lower prices than the days when they had to cover the high overheads incurred by running shops. The internet also provides a great comparison tool, allowing you to easily check the prices from multiple retailers in order to find the best deal.

Bulk buying glass jars

When faced with a glut of fruits, vegetables or certain other ingredients, preserving is the way to go. Jam, chutney and pickle making is a process most easily done in large quantities at a time and, aside from the cost of the ingredients, you have to be able to preserve the finished product. Serious preservers bulk buy glass jars and bottles ready for their cooking endeavours. The very organised keep their eyes out for sale bargains even when it’s not preserving season and keep the glass jars until they are ready to use them, as this is the best way to keep prices low.

Glass jars selections

To keep costs down, choose your glass jars and bottles carefully. Certain kinds of jar costs more than others and while the more expensive versions, such as clip top Le Parfait, may be more attractive you could be equally well served by a more basic screw top. You may have your eye on a particular style but retailers may offer special bargain packs of an alternative design, which could save you a significant amount of money. Modern retailers are fully conversant with buying trends and will target offers based upon what their customers request and you can use this to your advantage.


While comparing the costs of the item you want to buy, remember to always factor in the delivery costs. Further consideration should be given to sundry extras such as labels, jar covers and any cooking accessories such as maslin pans. If your retailer has a set delivery fee this can make a huge difference when buying large amounts compared to retailers whose delivery cost varies according to the size of the order. Here at Wares of Knutsford all UK mainland delivery costs are fixed at £5.95 no matter their size.

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