Choosing the Right Glass Jars

glass jars

At Wares of Knutsford we are very proud of the breadth and scope of our glass jar department, but the sheer variety can be daunting. While we can cover all your basic jam jar needs, we also offer a good selection of more decorative and unusual jars, and some designed for specific purposes. Our glass jar department is divided into specific categories to help you find what you are looking for easily. The categories start with jam jars, with standard and deluxe models in sizes ranging from 30ml miniatures up to the 750ml jam jar. Many of these are available in our bargain packs of 192 jars plus lids, allowing you to save money by buying in bulk.

Small and miniature glass jars

We have grouped our smallest glass jars into a separate department. They are often used for favours at weddings and other events or to use as testers for those who want to supply samples of their produce. This category includes jars from the 30ml miniature jam jar to the 140ml miniature handled Kilner mug and features a variety of styles such as spice jars, clip top jars and hexagonal jars.

Shaped glass jars

This section includes our more unusual options, which are ideal to present as gifts. There are square and globe shaped jars, sweet shop style jars, yoghurt pots, cosmetics jars, cyclindrical shapes and Grecian style jars, nesting trios and jars with glass stoppers, engraved jars and even a teddy bear shaped jar.

Kilner, Mason and Leifheit jars

Kilner, Mason and Leifheit are all well known and respected names in the preserving world. We have grouped their products together so that serious preservers or those looking to create a certain style in their kitchen can find what they are looking for quickly.

Drinking jam jars

The handled glass jar is having a moment. It’s the trendiest way to serve drinks and is being seen at parties and picnics everywhere, usually with a straw poking out. This section contain clear and coloured jars in a variety of sizes.

You will also find separate categories for aromatherapy and pharmacy jars, clip top jars, faceted and hexagonal jars, Le Parfait jars, pickle, chutney and pasta sauce jars, spice jars, terrine, verrine and dip jars, plastic jars, sweet shop jars, storage jars, honey jars, decorated jars and pots and a category for spare lids and other spare parts such as sealing rings.

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