Glass Drinking Jars

glass drinking jars

If you’re planning BBQs and parties for this summer, take a look at Wares of Knutsford’s glass drinking jars selection, a funky way of serving drinks at events. Handled jars are a great modern version of the old fashioned hip flask and are useful for picnics and days out as well as garden parties.

Handled jars offer a more creative and interesting way of serving iced drinks, cocktails, milkshakes, iced coffee, cider or beer. With a chunky handle, they are safe for children to use and the lid means you can stage a stylish picnic instead of using paper cups!

Try a delicious Pimm’s punch – you’ll need a bottle of dry cider, 250ml of Pimm’s and a few handfuls of fruit (a mix of lemons, oranges, apples, strawberries for example). Fill the jars to about three quarters full with cider, add the fruit and a straw, then pour the Pimm’s on top so it creates a separate layer of colour.

Wares of Knutsford is also pleased to be able to offer such an economical price for such a funky product – prices start at £10.50 for a pack of six!

Glass drinking jars by Mason

The Mason range includes clear glass handled jars with full lids in a choice of gold or red and white gingham, or silver coloured lids with a hole for a straw. You can also buy the jars without lids. They are available in 450ml and 630ml sizes. The jars are made of high quality, chunky clear glass and can be bought in packs of six, 12, 24 and 48 – the larger a pack you buy, the cheaper the jars get!

Glass drinking jars by Kilner

Kilner offers handled glass jars in clear and in a choice of blue, green or pink coloured glass. All glasses are 400ml size and are sold without lids. Coloured versions come in packs of three, six and 12 while the clear glass drinking jar comes in pack sizes six, 12, 24 and 36.

Flower patterned lids featuring a centre hole for a straw can bought separately in packs of six, which are also suitable for Kilner preserving jars. Don’t forget to order too a 24 pack of paper straws in a classic red and white spiral design!

Lidded jars are great for cold drinks but should not be used for hot drinks or for preserving.

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