Arranging Flowers in Glass Bottles

glass bottles

If your attempts at settling a large bunch of flowers into one vase result in an uneven silhouette and broken, sticking out branches, or you want to decorate in a more modern style, there is another way. Flower arranging is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone, but by being a bit more creative you can set up a smart and elegant display.

Glass bottles on a mantelpiece

A fresh, modern way to display flowers is to arrange glass bottles in a row along a mantel or shelf and fill each with a single stem. Restrict your colour palette to two or three contrasting but complementing colours and blooms, then add interest by using flowers of different types and sizes – such dahlias next to poppies and daffodils. Repeating each bloom three or four times and using some simple foliage regularly in the mix helps to anchor the whole thing together and stops it looking too busy.

If wild flowers aren’t easily available and your budget doesn’t stretch to florists’ prices, an original effect can be created by collecting an interesting selection of twigs, berries and leaves then spray-painting them a metallic or bold hue and arranging them similarly in a row of glass bottles. Add drama by filling the glass bottles with water that’s coloured with bright food colouring.

Group a collection of vases with large glass bottles

Select flowers of similar hues and sizes but that boast different textures and shapes to add glamour to your floral design and use most of these in a large glass bottle as the centrepiece of the display. Then collect lots of foliage and greenery with berries to fill the other vases and add just one or two blooms to each. This is a rich and glamorous look that’s easy to achieve as it doesn’t involve any stiff, formal arranging.

Keep it simple

Masses of a single bloom are very trendy right now. Go for a flower with a fairly small, neat head and long, straight stem. You’ll need a fairly narrow necked vase or large glass bottle to help create a silhouette, then remove any excess leaves and cut the bottom of each stem cleanly. Fill the vase two thirds with water then, holding the bunch firmly but gently, rotate it to give the stems a spiral effect. This creates a dome shape to the top of the bouquet. Bind the stems tightly before placing in the vase.

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