Glass Bottles with Stoppers

glass bottles with stoppers

Wares of Knutsford’s glass bottles range includes a number of decorative options glass bottles with stoppers. These are great for housing your home made drinks or cosmetics to be given as gifts, but can also be used around the home.

Sand art glass bottles with stoppers

Making sand art bottles is one of those charming, retro style hobbies, a bit like quilting, that’s seeing a return to popularity. Their use can be just ornamental but they can also form attractive souvenirs of days out at the beach or holidays. Pretty sand art bottles are easy enough to make, even for children – all you need is a selection of transparent glass bottles and sand in colours of your choice.

Make sure your bottle is clean and completely dry. You can use a plastic funnel or make your own by rolling a sheet of paper into a cone and taping it to hold the shape.

Insert your funnel into the bottle neck and use a teaspoon to add your sand gradually. If the sand clogs in the funnel, jiggle it gently and use the handle of the teaspoon to loosen it if necessary. Build up your layer of sand bit by bit.

When you think you have enough for your first layer, you can start making your stripes flat or diagonal. For horizontal stripes just tap your bottle gently on the table top to make sure the sand sits flat within it and move on, carefully, to your next layer. For diagonal stripes, tilt the bottle to one side and tap it so the sand lies diagonally across it. Keep the bottle at this angle while you add further layers, aiming the funnel at the empty corner.

Keep adding your layers to the top of the bottle, avoiding too much movement of the bottle or the colours could start to mix and ruin your neat layers. Insert the bottle top, using a little hot glue to secure if you prefer.

Coloured water in glass bottles with stoppers

In a similar style, you can fill your bottles with coloured water and use them for simple but effective decoration – a row of three in different but toning colours looks neat. Simply choose some pretty bottles and fill to the level of your choice with tap water. You can use food colouring or a special dye used by florists to colour the water in vases, added a drop at a time until you reach a hue you are pleased with. Make sure the stopper is secure to avoid accidents!

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