Glass Bottles with Corks

glass bottles with corks

Humans have been drinking wine for millennia, but the familiar The 75cl bottle has become standard but there are two suggestions as to how this came about. One theory posits that this was considered to be an appropriate serving of wine with dinner for one man. On the other hand, there is a countering argument that this was the largest size of bottle that the average glass blower could achieve with a single breath.

However wineries have always been keen to showcase their product in oversized bottles, which by some unknown naming convention were given the monikers of ancient Biblical characters such as the dastardly Nebuchadnezzar or hoary old Methuselah.

Naming guide to huge glass bottles with corks

Most people are familiar with the term Magnum for a 1.5 litre or two standard bottle equivalent, or even with Jeroboam for a three litre or four standard bottle container. However, have you heard of a Rehoboam, which contains 4.5 litres or six standard bottles of wine? Or how about a Methuselah for six litres or eight standard bottles? They get bigger still, with a nine litre or 12 standard bottle container known a Salmanazar, a 12 litre or 16 standard bottle job called a Balthazar and the enormous 15 litre or 20 standard bottle effort known as Nebuchadnezzar.

Believe it or not, very rarely you can even get a 20 litre or 28 bottle equivalent called a Solomon and, topping the lot, a Primat containing 27 litres or 36 standard bottles.

The naming conventions are subject to some regional variations, with Bordeaux also using a 2.25 litre or three bottle equivalent called a Marie-Jeanne and using the term Double Magnum rather than Jeroboam for three litres. Confusingly, in Bordeaux the name Jeroboam is used instead for the 4.5 litre bottle known as a Rehoboam in Champagne country, while the six litre Methuselah is renamed the Imperiale.

Filling your own glass bottles with corks

Ordering a Nebuchadnezzar for your home brewing efforts might be a bit ambitious, but you could consider a smaller and more decorative option for presenting your own brews as gifts. The 50ml Aragon glass bottles with corks are elegant, while the 250ml Bellolio adds a modern touch to the traditional shape and contains a more appropriate size for a single serving!

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