Glass bottles for sale

Glass bottles for sale 

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Most people know Wares of Knutsford as ‘the jam jar people’, and rightly so. We stock more types and sizes of jam jars than most of our competitors; however, this is not all we offer. Today we take a look at our huge range of glass bottles to showcase the enormous variety of bottles available and to give some ideas and inspiration for how to use them.

A huge range of glass bottles for sale

Whether you want to brew your own beer or wine, make refreshing lemonade or elderflower cordial, or have a go at homemade pasta sauce or tomato ketchup, we have just the right bottle for your project. Our range also covers bottles ideal for serving drinks, such as our vintage milk bottles that come with cute patterned lids and drinking straws. If you are into making your own homemade cosmetics, lotions and potions, we also stock a wide range of pharmacy bottles to give your projects an authentic, professional look.

Our swing top bottles are always popular, conjuring up memories of times gone by when out grandma made homemade lemonade or elderflower cordial. With homemade drinks such as these now enjoying a renaissance in popularity, swing top jars are very much back in fashion. As elderflowers are out now, why not go foraging and make your own delicious cordial?

Unusual glass bottles for sale

Brandy in a beautiful bottle in front of modern background

Whilst many of our bottles are regular in appearance, we also offer quite an array of unusual bottles for more creative projects – check out our Designer Bottles category online to find stylishly-shaped bottles for every conceivable project. The Sonata bottle has a wide, circular base and tapers up to a thick neck for a glamorous look, whilst the Nocturne bottle looks like something from an old apothecary’s dispensing cabinet!

If you are looking for unusual and interestingly-shaped bottles to use as wedding favours or to decorate the tables at your wedding reception, we have plenty to choose from. Our Gladstone bottles are one of our most popular lines and are often used to make wedding favours, holding homemade drinks such as rhubarb gin or peppermint vodka. Another bottle that is incredibly popular for wedding favours is our dinky heart-shaped bottle. This quirky little bottle holds 40ml and has a cute, old-fashioned swing top lid. Filled with a shot of something such as vodka or whisky, or perhaps tiny sweets such as midget gems or sherbet pips, these jars look sensational and provide a lasting memento for guests to take home.

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