Glass bottles

Glass bottles 

Strawberry regular and chocolate milk in bottles with striped straws isolated on white

Spring is finally here. Everything seems to bursting into bud and turning green again and it won’t be long before our gardens and hedgerows are brimming with abundant produce to turn into amazing jams, pickles and preserves. We have spoken recently about many of the jars in our range; today, it is time to talk about our glass bottles. Whether you are thinking of making elderflower cordial soon or you want to try your hand at plum wine a little later in the year, you need a good supply of bottles ready for when your preserving inspiration strikes.

Our range of glass bottles

We have a very comprehensive range of bottles to suit every application. Whether you are looking for small glass bottles to use for miniature drinks or need larger swing top bottles for the perfect finishing touch for a family picnic or a vintage-inspired garden party, we have a huge range of styles and sizes from which to choose.

Our charming milk bottle range is extremely popular, both for drinks and for craft projects. From small glass bottles holding just 60ml right up to a 750ml jumbo milk and juice bottle, this range offers something for everyone. If you are planning to give drinks-based wedding favours on your big day, why not choose from this range for a gloriously fun and retro look?

Glass bottles with corks

In addition to a huge number of bottles with screw tops or swing top lids, we carry quite an eclectic range of bottles with corks. From tall and elegant slimline bottles that are perfect for oils and vinegars to charming old-fashioned styles such as the Gladstone bottles and the Nocturne range, we are bound to have something to please – whatever effect you are striving for. The Gladstone bottles make particularly excellent choices for wedding favours, especially if the big day has a vintage theme. Filled with homemade sloe gin, rhubarb vodka or raspberry wine, they will enchant guests and make a summer wedding simply delightful.

Crafting with bottles

If you love crafts, why not have a go at some projects that involve bottles? From miniature snow globes to candle holders and all manner of other things besides, bottles make great containers for crafty creations. To set you off on the right track, we have put together two Crafters Starter Packs, each featuring a selection of different bottles. One pack has a range of bottles with screw top lids and the other contains a variety of bottles with corks. Check these two packs out to see which takes your fancy.

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