Crafty Gifts for Mothers Day

gifts for mothers day

Mothering Sunday falls on 30th March so now is the time to be thinking about a suitable card and gift. A limp bunch of petrol station forecourt flowers simply won’t cut it and a box of chocolates isn’t very original, so put a little bit of thought into coming up with something more personal. Wares of Knutsford sells a wide range of crafty Mothers Day gifts great for mums who are into cooking, aromatherapy, home brewing or all sorts of other hobbies.

Culinary gifts for Mothers Day

All that rain over winter may be depressing to live with but it heralds a bumper fruit crop for this summer. One of the best ways to use it is in preserving and jam making. So when choosing gifts for Mothers Day take a look at Wares of Knutsford’s preserving kit department, which has gift sets, guide books and all sorts of essential equipment for novices or experienced jam makers. It’s not just about the fruit jams – there are chutneys and even sloe gin to experiment with too. Once supplies from the starter packs have been exhausted, Wares can supply replacement jars and lids, labels and any other kit.

If your mum already knows her way around a preserving pan, take a look at some of the preserving cookbooks in that section, from big names such a River Cottage to basic recipe selections.

The standard jam making kit comes with a preserving pan, a funnel, thermometer, recipe book, wax discs, labels, jars and lids and a wooden spoon, all your mum needs to get started. The deluxe kit offers upgraded versions of the same.

Other gifts for Mothers Day

Although Wares of Knutsford was once the go to supplier of preserving equipment, the company now has a wide range of kitchen goodies. Furthermore, the jars and bottles selection originally designed for preservers has been made use of for all sorts of endeavours. If your mum’s crafty Mothers Day gifts to encourage her in her hobby are ideal. Decorative bottles and jars to house home made cosmetics or aromatherapy lotions are always useful.

From the kitchen selection there are attractive oven to table wares, tools and gadgets galore and plenty of traditional stone and enamelware, plus cast iron cooking utensils.

If you’d rather treat your mum to something less energetic, Wares also sells some beautiful old fashioned sweet jars you can fill with all her favourites!

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