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Some people are happy to make a gift of limp, petrol station flowers or a cheap bottle of plonk. Others, however, put considerable thought into finding the perfect gift, one that the recipient will genuinely enjoy and value. By the same methodology, it doesn’t make sense to hand over this precious gift in a plastic carrier bag… Fortunately Wares of Knutsford has a smart new packaging department, designed to solve the problem of gift packaging awkward shapes.

Bottle and jar gift wrapping

Have you ever tried – and succeeded – neatly wrapping jars in traditional, paper gift wrapping? It’s no easy task and the results are mixed at best. However, for this reason and in response to customer demand, you can now find at Wares of Knutsford a selection of gift packaging designed to hold jars and small bottles, in the form of specially shaped gift boxes and bags, accompanied by co-ordinating gift packaging accessories. The boxes come in two and three jars sizes and in natural and green colours. The boxes arrive flat and are easy to assemble, with an integrated carrying handle and display windows to present the contents.

Bags are also made to fit two or three jars or bottles of different sizes. They are made of environmentally friendly natural hessian, with clear plastic display windows for the contents.

The boxes and bags can be dressed up or left simple, but in either case are the perfect way to present awkward shaped gifts in the form of jars or bottles.

Additional gift wrapping materials

If you are presenting a really awkward shape, we also offer a selection of sturdy cardboard trays in square or rectangle shapes and in various sizes. Trays come in natural, green and red card and arrive flat for easy assembly at home.

The card trays can be packed out with a selection of fine cut shredded paper, available in brown, red, green or vanilla cream colours. This cushions the contents of the tray and looks pretty as background.

To dress up your trays and gift packaging, in the same department you can find various ribbons, including jute ribbon in green and cream colours to match our boxes, bags and card trays.

If you are planning to give home made – or even shop bought – produce in bottles, jars and odd shaped packets as gifts, this is simply the easiest and neatest way to wrap and present them.

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