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The sound of Christmas music in the shops in October should rightly provoke rage, but nonetheless it’s wise to get ahead with your Xmas planning. Now is the time to start thinking about presents, wrapping, decorations and food for the holiday season. Wares of Knutsford is here to help, with plenty of gift suggestions and other ideas to make your Xmas a happy holiday rather than a Christmas nightmare.

Gift tags and wrapping

Our speciality at Wares of Knutsford is jars and bottles, which in themselves are a way of packaging gifts, but we believe a present should look like a present. This year we opened a new packaging department, containing a carefully edited selection of bags, boxes and trays to help you present gifts attractively. We have recently added to this by expanding our labels department to include pretty labels and gift tags in various designs including some useful seasonal choices.

There are self adhesive labels and tie on tags in the range, with designs ranging from rustic and whimsical to funky graphics, such as the tartan patterned Winston Scottie Dog Tag. These can be used on traditionally wrapped gifts or directly on jars and bottles – take a look at our video on decorating jars and bottles for inspiration!

Stylish gift tags for Christmas

This Christmas we have gone for a traditional selection of Christmas tags, featuring the classic seasonal motifs of robins, snowmen and Father Christmas. Children and adults alike will recognise and appreciate the Christmas message conveyed by the tags, which come in packs of ten or 15 with strings attached.

If you want to style your Christmas wrapping with a more individual or modern look, don’t feel obliged to stick with the familiar Xmas designs. The range includes a selection of stylish gift tags in plain white, cut in pretty silhouettes such as butterflies, birdcages or hearts, or wooden ‘with love’ printed tags. The white colour maintains the seasonal theme while the different silhouettes can easily be incorporated into a Christmas wrapping style. Floral options in the form of owls, birds and rabbits can also provide appropriately wintery dressing to Christmas gifts.

If you’re a ‘bah humbug’ type and would prefer to get away from the traditional Xmas themes this year, there are plenty of square tags in a range of pretty floral prints or plain colours to fit a number of design themes. These look particularly elegant when used with a minimal brown paper and string wrapping style.

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