Gift tags for jars

gift tags for jars

As a result of customer demand, we have been expanding our packaging department. This now includes a huge variety of bags, boxes, tags, labels and ribbons, and our latest addition is a cute set of jar-shaped gift tags.

New folksy gift tags for jars

This set of 24 gift tags is in a classic jar-shaped design featuring some beautiful detailing. The labels come with raffia ties with which to affix them to jars and describe their contents. The pack of jar-shaped gift tags comprises 12 with a white background and 12 with a blue background, with both designs featuring a blackboard-style patch with scalloped edges and spaces to write ‘to’ and ‘from’. The labels are a great way to present jams, pickles, chutneys and any other kind of preserves as gifts.

Gift tags for jars at Wares of Knutsford

Our packaging department is growing fast and now includes a fantastic range of gift tags for jars in addition to bags, boxes, ribbons and labels. Gift tags can be a really pretty way to decorate jars and bottles. A label is an essential; however, it can get a bit crowded by the time you have named the contents and information such as the use-by date, ingredients and storage instructions. Adding a gift tag allows you to add a personal message and turns a plain jar or bottle into a pretty gift and, of course, the tags can also be used on any other kind of gift.

The gift tags range now includes varieties in floral, tartan, graphic and plain patterns and in a number of shapes, including the traditional rectangular shape and owl, bird, rabbit, butterfly, dog, flower and heart shapes. We are also very pleased with a cute new range of biscuit-shaped gift tags. These are designed to look like some of your favourite biscuits, including Jammie Dodgers.

For something really special, there is also a white painted wooden ‘with love’ tag. This is decorated with a grey heart and spaces to write ‘to’ and ‘from’. It is something of a keepsake and shows how much thought you have put into the gift.

We also sell a 122-piece gift tag and label set, which is great for organised types and means you will always have packaging to hand when unexpected birthdays or occasions come up. The set includes a variety of different label and tag designs plus string and red ribbon with which to attach them.

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