Gift certificate

gift certificate

There was a time when gift certificates were considered a lazy gift idea, saving the giver from putting any real thought into finding the perfect gift. That premise has been turned on its head these days – we’re all such savvy consumers now that people know what they want, and the risk of getting the wrong thing is great. Furthermore we all abhor the clutter of unwanted gifts that we feel it would be wrong to throw away but would really prefer not to have to have around. As a result, gift certificates start to look like one of the most thoughtful gift ideas, removing the margin of error and allowing the recipient to have what they really, really want.

A gift certificate from Wares of Knutsford

We have tried to make the process of buying a gift certificate as streamlined and easy as possible. You can purchase one from our website by entering the recipient’s details, your details and a personal message. You enter the amount of the certificate, between €1 – €1,411, and can specify a them from a selection including birthday, Christmas, boy and girl. The certificate will be emailed to the recipient once your order has been processed.

Spending a gift certificate

Whether the recipient is familiar with the Wares of Knutsford website already or is a first time visitor, we like to think we have a spectacular selection of gift ideas. Our mainstay is the kitchen, with a special remit for preserving products, however we have expanded our scope to include a variety of other household items so that all sorts of hobbies and interests are catered for. Amateur and professional cooks are sure to find a cool new gadget for their kitchen, while there is also something for home brewers, cosmetics makers and aromatherapy practitioners. Outdoorsy types will find a great range of enamelware to complement their camping equipment, while Downton Abbey fans will be able to get hold of some of the cute retro style accessories used by Mrs Patmore and Daisy in the Vintage and Household departments!

Even if you’re not convinced by the virtues of gift certificates, or maybe if you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who doesn’t have internet access, we still thinks Wares of Knutsford has a great selection of affordable gifts to choose from, with quick delivery for those occasions when you’ve left it a bit late!

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