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While a huge number of Wares of Knutford clients buy our bottles and jars for produce they have made themselves, they are also being used in increasingly creative ways, such as to decorate the home, as wedding favours and to give as gifts.

Using personalised gift bottles

In the interests of giving gifts that mean something, that show some thought has been applied and care taken to appeal to the recipient, nothing beats a home made and personalised gift. Wares of Knutsford supplies a huge range of bottles and jars but when it comes to gift bottles, it’s worth checking out the ‘Designer Bottles’ section of the website, where you can find the prettiest, most stylish and most decorative bottles.

These can be filled with home made drinks such as cordials and liqueurs, cosmetics, flavoured oils and vinegars or even just filled with coloured sand. All of the items in the ‘Designer Bottles’ section are high quality with a luxury feel. There are bottles in triangular shapes, wave shapes, bubble shaped bottles or zig zag bottles. There are tall, slim elegant bottles or chunkier bottles in round and square shapes. All are cork topped for a traditional appearance. There is even a triple bottle in one that would look stunning filled with three different coloured liquids such as cordials, for example.

Making your gift bottles look special

It can be very tricky to wrap bottles neatly but if you’re giving them as presents, you should make some effort to come up with personalised gift bottles. The first step is to remember to label your bottle with the contents and any other appropriate information such as a use by date – Wares of Knutsford has a wide range of labels designed for this purpose. You can then add simple decorations such as ribbon, or you can get a bit more creative. A simple but attractively rustic look can be achieved by tying some brown string around the neck of the bottle attached to a little piece of card in the shapes of a luggage tag, on which to write your personalised message. You could use some pretty coloured string or even a little chain and attach a couple of beads or small icons. A more permanent solution would be to get some glass pens and write on the bottles – make sure you use your best decorative script rather than a hurried scrawl!

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