Fun with small milk bottles

Three bottles of cold lemonade with lemon slices and straws isolated on a white background

Three bottles of cold lemonade with lemon slices in 250ml milk bottles.

Fun with small milk bottles

 We are feeling nostalgic in today’s post, as we look at those small milk bottles we all remember from our school days and at how they can be used today, both for drinks and in vintage-inspired craft projects.

Who remembers the days of free school milk? You have to be of a certain age to remember school milk in little glass bottles. Some children loved it, and some hated it. Sometimes it was refreshing and cold, and sometimes it was slightly warm and unappetising; however, it was all part of those early school years. For many of us, it is one of our earliest memories, which is why we look back at it so fondly – regardless of whether we enjoyed our actual school days.

 Small milk bottles for crafts

 Bottles of all shapes and sizes lend themselves very well to being used as vases, of course, and our small milk bottles are no exception. Cluster them in a group of six or seven and place a single flower stem in each bottle. Tulips and bluebells work well; however, if you grow flowers in your garden, why not pick a mixed bunch and place a different stem in each bottle for a country bouquet effect?

 These bottles can be left plain for a simple, vintage-thrift look; alternatively, you can decorate them for a more contemporary style. You can paint the outside of the glass or pour paint inside the bottle and swirl it around to coat the inside – both work well and give an amazing effect. Try painting the outside of the bottle white or cream and then add polka dots of different colours around the bottle for a fun and unique new vase that looks a lot more expensive than it really is.

 Small milk bottles for weddings

 One of the prettiest ideas we have seen for using milk bottles at weddings is to carefully glue some decorative lace around the bottom half of the bottle and place a dainty sprig of white gypsophila in the bottle, using it as a vase. Grouped together in threes, these bottle vases look so romantic and sophisticated.

 Small milk bottles with lids can also be used to serve fun drinks at weddings. Whether elderflower champagne, grapefruit prosecco or pink lemonade, serving these drinks in small milk bottles with lids and a straw will look fabulous and lend a sense of vintage-inspired fun to the proceedings.

Whether for the home or for your wedding, a small milk bottle can become an elegant and unfussy accessory with a timeless vintage charm.


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