Fun with drinking jars

ice tea with slice of lemon in mason jar on the wooden rustic background

Ice tea with slice of lemon in mason drinking jars

Fun with drinking jars

 Drinking jars are currently all the rage and are popping up in bars and restaurants up and down the country. If you came across a drinking jar – or two – at your office Christmas party this year and are inspired to source some for your own parties and get-togethers, read on for some creative drinks ideas and a brief run-down of the jars we stock.

 Imaginative ideas for drinks in drinking jars

 Whilst you can serve pretty much anything in a drinking jar, they are a fun item and the drinks you serve should also be fun. Pina coladas look fabulous and so colourful in these jars and take you back to the 70s and 80s. For a novel spin on the traditional gin and tonic, try adding blueberries instead of a lemon slice for a colourful, intriguing and quite delicious drink. For a super-elegant option, try basil vodka. Put plenty of ice in the jar, pour the vodka over the ice and add two or three basil leaves and a slice of lime. For a late summer cocktail, add crushed blackberries to tequila and serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.

 Drinking jars for non-alcoholic drinks

 It is easy to achieve the wow factor with alcoholic drinks in jars, but how do you satisfy the non-drinkers at your party? After all, it is no fun watching your friends sipping a fabulously decadent drink served in a quirky jar whilst you sip plain orange juice from a standard hi-ball glass. If you want to offer some seriously cool non-alcoholic drinks, why not try your hand at ‘mocktails’ such as the classic Shirley Temple, which contains ginger ale, grenadine and a maraschino cherry? A ginger and elderflower cocktail is another great alcohol-free tipple and looks gorgeous served in a jar with a big slice of lemon.

 Our drinking jar range is extensive, with all sorts of shapes and sizes available. Some have handles, which make warm drinks easier to carry, and most have a drinking straw in the lid. Sizes range from the 140ml mini jar through to the 630ml (one pint) jars. Many of the jars follow the simple styling of standard Mason and Kilner jars; in addition, we offer a few more decorative jars, such as the owl-shaped jar and the coloured and vintage-styled jars from Kilner.

 There is so much fun to be had with a drinking jar – somehow, they just add a certain something to any party. Take a look at our range today and start planning your next party event.


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