Fruit embossed jam jars

Fruit embossed jam jars New EMBOSSED JARS 2

Here at Wares of Knutsford, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products to add to our jam jar range. We have been busy hunting down new designs to tempt our loyal customers and we don’t think you will be disappointed with what we have found! Read on to find out all about some great new embossed jars that we have just added to our store and discover some tempting ideas for what to put in them.

New jam jars in stock

The jars we are so excited about all have a pretty embossed fruit design just below the neck. Available in 50ml, 106ml and 212ml, these jars are exclusive to Wares of Knutsford. These quality glass jars are available in a range of pack sizes, from 12 right up to 300 jars. The lids are available in gold, silver or black, and are heat sealable and vinegar-proof. With their adorable vintage styling, these new additions will put you in jam jar heaven!

Filling these jam jars NEW EMBOSSED JARS

If you are tempted by these new jars, you will need some ideas for what to put in them. With spring here, everything in the garden is bursting into life and we will soon have plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables to choose from.

Nettles are currently springing up in hedgerows everywhere, so why not have a go at foraging and then create your own nettle jam? Nettles are high in pectin, which means they make a great jam ingredient; in addition, they are full of goodness. Use the youngest tips only and be sure to wear thick gloves when picking your nettles and take care when making your jam.

Rhubarb is also coming into season and grows so fast that it pays to be prepared with ideas for what to do with it all. Rhubarb and vanilla jam is absolutely delicious and will garner much praise at the breakfast table. For a savoury preserve that uses rhubarb, try rhubarb, chilli and ginger relish. This is delicious served with cold meats or a ploughman’s lunch and is guaranteed to convert friends and family to the wonders of rhubarb.

Another foraged item perfect for home preserving is samphire. This unusual delicacy can be found all around the UK coast, with rock samphire in season right now. To pickle samphire, use 500ml white wine vinegar, 300g samphire, 80g brown sugar, bay leaves, cloves, and a little mustard seed, coriander and turmeric. Blanch the samphire, add to the other ingredients and seal in sterilised jars.

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