Freezing Meals in Enamel Dishes

Home-made shepherds pie in traditional enamel dish.

Freezing Meals in Enamel Dishes

So many of us lead incredibly busy lives, juggling full-time work and a lengthy commute with looking after the children and somehow finding time to keep the house in order and have some semblance of a social life. When something has to give, all too often it can be mealtimes and we turn to convenience foods that are not very healthy or even very tasty. There is a solution, however, which is to prepare your own ‘convenience meals’ and freeze them, giving you a ready supply of pre-cooked meals that just need heating up when you need them. Here we take a look at a few ideas for freezing meals and storing them in enamel dishes.

The best approach to creating some frozen meals is to prepare a large batch and divide it up into several servings; for example, if you cooked a large quantity of mince with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, you could then season some of it for spaghetti bolognese, add some kidney beans and chilli powder to another portion for chilli, and top the rest with mashed potato for cottage pie. With minimal effort, you have three different meals ready for freezing.

Another great thing about preparing a batch of meals to freeze is that it enables you to use up food that might otherwise be wasted. If you have some eggs you need to use up, for example, why not make a quiche, throwing in any bacon, peppers, onions or mushrooms you also have left over?

Using enamelwares to store your frozen meals

Using enamel pie dishes for pre-cooked cottage pie or lasagne, for example, would give you a stock of meals that taste great and look fantastic. Fish pie is another potato-topped pie that works brilliantly frozen and makes a change from a meat-based meal. The beauty of using enamel dishes for frozen meals is that you can take them out of the freezer, defrost them and simply put them straight into the oven to cook, with no need to transfer the food into another container before reheating. Enamel dishes also look great and you can take the dish straight from the oven to the table, ready to serve.

Our range of enamelwares

We stock a wide range of enamelwares that are suitable for preparing meals in advance and freezing them. Our enamel pie dishes are the obvious choice and come in sizes that suit single portions right through to family-sized dishes. The oblong dishes are ideal for cottage pie, shepherd’s pie and lasagne, whilst the round dishes suit quiches, savoury tarts and pies.

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