Fragrant Summer Drinks For All The Family

Fragrant Summer Drinks For All The Family

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to share some recipes for some cool and colourful drinks that are guaranteed to beat the heat. Drinks for summer are so quick and easy to make, whether you are aiming for cool sophistication with a kick as the sun goes down, or a homemade fruity treat to thrill the kids. Here’s a selection of our top thirst quenchers:

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drink Recipes To Die For

Raspberry Ripple Cordial
Like summer in a glass, this cordial keeps well in the fridge, and is extremely moreish with a splash of ice cold soda water and a handful of ice. To make, simply mash 500grams of raspberries, 500grams of caster sugar and a dash of red wine vinegar over a low heat for about ten minutes until you have a smooth syrup. Sieve the mixture, setting the seeds aside. Add 300ml water to the seeds, leave to steep and then and sieve. Combine the raspberry water with the syrup, bring to the boil and voilà! – a cordial that positively exudes midsummer.

Non-Alcoholic Mighty Mojito
One of our favourite drinks for summer, this is a clever take on the classic mojito and it couldn’t be easier to make. Take a good handful of fresh mint and mix it well with a tablespoon of caster sugar using a pestle and mortar. Add ice and the juice of a lime each to a pair of tall glasses, stir in the mint mixture and top up with a generous squirt of soda water.

Cool and Citrussy Tea
If you still crave tea during the hotter months, fret not – this is the drink for you.
Brew up as normal using 6 tea bags and 1.2 litres of water. Throw in a generous bunch of fresh mint and some caster sugar to taste and steep for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, halve an orange, squeezing the juice from one half and slicing up the other. Add the orange juice and slices to the tea and serve over ice. The result: iced tea with a twist, literally!

Summer Drink Recipes – Cocktail Time

Cranberry Surprise
We all love a surprise, especially when it involves vodka! This sophisticated cranberry-based cocktail is ideal for those hazy evenings when entertaining al fresco with friends.
Slosh approximately 200ml each of Cointreau and Vodka into a large jug, and top up with 600ml of cranberry juice and 400ml of fresh orange juice. Stir with a cocktail stick and pour into tall glasses crammed with ice. A slice of lime is the perfect finishing touch. Cheers!

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