Organising Your Kitchen

food storage jars

There is a wide enough range of shapes, sizes and designs in Wares of Knutsford’s selection of clear food storage jars to satisfy even the most retentive of organisers; all clearly organised by category. Along with the glass food storage jars there are plastic alternatives plus a selection of extra lids and other accessories and a comprehensive collection of labels.

Restore order to your kitchen cupboards with food storage jars

Even if you’re not the fanatical organising type, there’s no denying a kitchen is cleaner and easier to use when your cupboards are neatly arranged with the contents correctly stored in airtight containers.

Apart from the odd bottle of sauce, much of the food we buy in shops comes in plastic bags that are untidy to store and once open are impossible to seal. If you decant the contents into clear food jars your produce will stay fresh for longer and you will easily be able to see exactly what and how much you have in your cupboards. The average kitchen cupboard may be filled with a selection of pastas, rices, herbs and spices, dried fruits and vegetables such as mushrooms, baking ingredients such as sugars and flours plus tea bags and other hot drinks.

If you’re planning to organise your whole pantry you should consider buying jars in bulk, as Wares’ delivery charge is the same no matter how much you buy. Put some thought also in to the sizes and shapes you need. Maximise your use of cupboard space with jars that can safely stack on top of each other, while square shapes probably make better use of the space than round ones.

Don’t forget labels! Many food items can be easily identified through clear food jars but a sensible label removes any guesswork or embarrassing salt/sugar errors.

Using food storage jars to prettify the utility room

Once the kitchen is dealt with, the utility or laundry room can be a challenging area. Plastic bottles and cardboard tubs in bold, clashing colours and the plethora of tools and accessories that need to be kept at hand don’t lend themselves to elegant décor. However, take some inspiration from your grandmother’s kitchen by using natural materials such as wood, wicker and glass. Pretty much all cleaning and laundry items can be decanted into other containers – clearly labelled for safety, as usual, while more traditional style accessories such as wooden pegs, clothes airers, broom and mop and classic galvanised buckets all add up to a pretty country cottage style.

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