Flowers in milk bottles

Flowers in milk bottles 

Colorful set of isolated mason jars and bottle with flowers. Wedding, birthday, shower party design decoration elements

The vintage look has been on trend a while and shows no sign of falling out of favour any time soon. From fashion to interiors and home baking to preserves, we can’t get enough of all things vintage. Perhaps we are hankering after a simpler way of life, without the pressures of mobile phones, busy lives and consumerism, or perhaps we just like the feelings of nostalgia that vintage-inspired things bring out in us. No matter why you love vintage, we are sure that today’s post will appeal, as we are taking a look at our range of milk bottles and suggesting how you can use them as simple but effective vases for flowers.

Glass milk bottles as vases

It might be nice to have a beautiful, decorative vase for times when you are given a huge bouquet; however, sometimes simple is best. Milk bottles make excellent vases for a few small flowers at a time and are particularly good for cut flowers from the garden, where the simplicity of the bottle lets the beauty of the flowers shine through. In spring, hyacinths and ranunculi look stunning in a simple glass bottle. With a little effort, it is easy to grow, or find, flowers and foliage to use in this way for most of the year.

Our milk bottles range in size from a dinky 60ml mini bottle right up to 950ml, with plenty of choice in between. These can all work brilliantly as vases for flowers, but the 330ml and 500ml sizes are two of the best choices. Try the 500ml bottle with two or three vibrantly-coloured gerbera stems for a truly eye-catching display. If your children pick a posy of daisies and buttercups for you, pop them into a mini milk bottle and give them pride of place on the kitchen table or on a windowsill. Your children will be delighted that you appreciate their efforts, while you will be charmed by their gift.

Grouping glass milk bottles together

If you are planning a party, or even a wedding reception, and want to go for the vintage look with your table flower displays, try grouping several milk bottles of different sizes together on each table and artfully arranging flowers across the group. Place taller bottles at the back and fill with taller flowers, with smaller bottles at the front filled with more delicate blooms. For weddings, try lavender or soft pink roses with plenty of wispy gypsophila and a sprig or two of eucalyptus leaf for a truly romantic effect.

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