Floral Jar Covers

floral jar covers

At Wares of Knutsford we like to believe we have covered every aspect of your preserving needs. Our ranges include preserving equipment, jars and jar decorations. Choose from a massive range of jar labels, then embellish with ribbons, tags and covers. The covers can be used with jams and marmalades, chutneys and pickles, curds and jellies or any other preserves. The covers traditionally go on top of waxed discs but can also be used to cover screw tops. They also make an attractive decoration if you are using jars to present other kinds of gifts, such as jar pamper packs or ingredients kits.

These are simple items which in theory you can easily make yourself, but we have been careful to make them so affordable and attractive that there’s really no good reason to do so!

Floral jar covers and ribbons

A ribbon tied around the neck of a jar is an incredibly simple but effective way of turning it from a basic food product into a pretty and personal gift. Our range includes a set of patterned jute ribbons and a set of pastel ribbons in assorted colours and widths. If you want to take the decorations a little further, add a pretty fabric jar cover. Our range features fruity and floral jar covers or bright spotty, gingham or graphic covers.

We also offer a pack of assorted pattern paper covers to fit jars in 1lb and 2lb sizes, including elastic bands. If you’re going for a more minimalist look, there are packs of transparent paper covers in 1lb and 2lb jar sizes, with waxed discs and rubber bands included.

In the same department you will find packs of waxed discs – 200 discs in 1lb and 2lb jar sizes.

Floral jar covers sets

Our floral jar cover sets start with a basic set of five assorted fabric covers in delicate floral designs. We then move up to more complete sets including eight fabric covers – two each of four designs – plus co-ordinating ribbons and elastic bands. The covers are 16cm and will fit 1lb and 2lb jars. These sets come in floral, fruity, gingham, jazzy and spotty designs.

There are also two preserving accessories kits including 24 jar covers in four different designs with co-ordinating self-adhesive labels, waxed discs and plastic circles and elastic securing bands. The set is suitable for jars up to 1lb or 454ml size. Two different sets are available, in fruit and vegetable or country designs.

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