Festive fun with large glass jars

Festive fun with large glass jars

If you think our jars are only used for making jams and preserves, you would be very much mistaken. Crafters have long recognised the potential of glass jars as vessels for their imaginative creations. In today’s post, we look at a few festive ideas for using large jars, such as our one gallon pickle jar.

Creative ideas in large glass jars 

Edible gift Idea: oatmeal cookies mix in the glass jar on a rustic wooden table.Toned image.Selective focus

It is easy to create unique Christmas decorations using large pickle jars. Try filling a jar one-third full with fake snow, or cotton wool, and then add pine cones, holly or tiny Christmas tree decorations to create a wintry scene. Pop the lid on and finish off with a colourful festive ribbon for a clever and very individual decoration for a sideboard or windowsill.

Another brilliant idea is to pop some fairy lights into a jar to create a Christmas lamp. Try using a glitter pen on the outside of the jar to add stars or snowflakes. The only limit here is your imagination!

If you are handy with a paintbrush, why not have a go at painting the outside of the jar to create a Santa’s face, or perhaps a snowman? A jar decorated in this way would make a great container for Christmas sweets or nuts; alternatively, a snowy scene painted on the outside of the jar would make a great tea light holder. Leave some of the glass unpainted to allow the candle light to flicker through.

One idea we really love is to use a 1 gallon pickle jar as a piggy bank. Cut a slot in the lid to add your coins and decorate the outside of the jar. If you are saving for a holiday, for example, paint travel-related items on the jar. Don’t paint too much, as you will want to see how your savings are growing!

Christmas gifts in large glass jars 

Homemade Christmas gift - ingredients for making hot chocolate with marshmallows in a glass jar on a wooden surface

One idea that is trending right now is adding all the ingredients for a recipe into a 1 gallon pickle jar and giving it as a gift. Add a packet of upmarket cocoa to a jar, then fill the rest with marshmallows. Seal the lid and add a bottle of Irish cream liqueur on the side for a gift that is sure to be well received. For a non-alcoholic version, layer all the ingredients for making chocolate chip cookies and finish with a stylish contemporary label and some ribbon.

We have only touched on a few ideas here, but it just goes to show that even a humble glass jar can be transformed into something amazing with a little imagination.

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