Fathers Day Gifts for Kitchen Lovers

gifts for dads who cook

Kitchen gifts are not just for women – there are plenty of men who love nothing more than taking the time and care to create something amazing or delicious too. Fathers Day is the perfect time to indulge in some great gifts for dads who cook and show them just how much you appreciate their efforts in the kitchen.

Kitchen gifts for dads who cook

Most men love a few tools to play with and there is a wide variety of kitchen equipment to choose from for that perfect present. Jam-making has become an extremely popular pastime and is a fantastic way to make the most of a variety of delicious fruits. Pick them in the warm summer months, harvesting them from your own garden or your nearest pick-your-own farm. Experiment with different fruits to create tasty preserves that you can enjoy all winter. Our jam-making kit is one of the best cooking gifts for dad. Containing everything you need to get started, the kit includes a 9 litre stainless steel pan and jam funnel, thermometer and wooden spoon. A handy preserves cookbook is included to give you great recipe ideas, as well as all the jars, wax seals, labels and screw top lids you need to store your precious concoctions. Alternatively you could opt for a home brewing kit, enabling your dad to try his hand at creating his very own ale, wine or cider. The Sloe Gin kit from Kilner is a lovely way to make the most of this appealing hedgerow treat. Incorporating a large Kilner jar, muslin, funnel, recipe and four attractive bottles, this set has everything you need to make this enjoyable natural liqueur. All of these kits make unusual and thoughtful gifts to help you and your family celebrate Fathers Day.

Literary gifts for dads who cook

There are a whole host of helpful books available to inspire your dad to try some new recipes. First Preserves contains all the information you need to get started with jam-making and pickling a wide choice of fruit and vegetables. The River Cottage books are invaluable in the kitchen and the River Cottage Handbook of Preserves is a fabulous addition to the collection. The Jammy Bodger’s Guide to Making Jam is perfect for novices and packed with useful troubleshooting tips.

If your Dad deserves better than yet another pair of socks for Fathers Day, indulge him with one of these fantastic presents. He can enjoy spending time doing something he loves and the while family will reap the rewards.

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