Fathers Day Gifts for Beer Lovers

fathers day gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner so now’s the perfect time to think about choosing a great gift for the special dad in your life. Presents centred around the recipient’s hobbies and interest make a thoughtful token of your appreciation. A special present related to beer or brewing can be a wonderful way to show your dad just how much he means to you.

Home brew fathers day gifts

Brewing your own beer has been a well-loved pastime for the last few decades but the surge in popularity of so-called craft or artisanal beers has seen this hobby really gaining popularity in recent years. In addition to allowing brewers to enjoy access to a wide range of specially-designed products, home brewing represents great value. Kilner produce a range of complete sets that have everything you need to get started, including the necessary yeast, hops or malt, as well as equipment such as a fermentation bucket, hydrometer and thermometer. These make great gifts for dads and are perfect for beginners to home brewing, producing around 40 pints each. For the more experienced home brewer, there are a number of brewing accessories available to make perfect presents that are sure to be greatly appreciated. You could put together a special hamper with all the necessary tools, such as sterilising tablets, air locks and bungs, mixing spoons and bottle brushes, a siphon and sediment traps and even a special bottle capping tool.

Other beer- inspired Fathers day gifts

Once you have created your home brew, the next challenge is to bottle it. Large packs of decorative beer bottles make a great gift. Classic clear glass bottles with a clip lid are perfect for all types of brew, including lager, bitter, cider and perry. For a more traditional look, dark brown glass bottles give your bitter that authentic brewery touch, especially when sealed with metal crown-style caps. Designing special labels with your dad’s name, photo or other picture will give the bottles a uniquely bespoke touch. You could also include a variety of other beer-related accessories, such as a personalised bottle opener, specially-made coasters or an engraved beer mug to make your Fathers Day gifts complete.

Beer lover gifts are a great way to express how much you love and appreciate your dad and are sure to be a virtually universally popular present for this coming Father’s Day.

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