Fabulous food jars

Fabulous food jars 

Salad with cabbage and beets. Home canning

We might be biased, but we think there is nothing more lovely than the sight of a well-stocked pantry with shelves stacked with homemade produce. From jams and marmalade to chutneys, pickles and preserves, seeing jars packed full of delicious goodness is both comforting and tantalising. If you fancy building up your own store of homemade preserves, you are in luck, as today we are discussing our deluxe glass food jars and how to use them to stock your larder with some key essentials from the preserving world.

Food jars in all sizes

Our straight-sided deluxe glass food jars come in a range of sizes, from the smallest at 110ml to the substantial 500ml jar, with several sizes in between. All jars in this range feature the same clean and simple design and all are available with a choice of lid colours. If you plan to build a larder or pantry, and you want the best visual effect, stick to the same type of jar and use different sizes to suit different contents.

Filling your food jars 

Preserved vegetables in the jars

If you want to achieve a well-stocked pantry, it is essential to build up a wide variety of core items that you know your family will love to eat. Whilst you might adore strawberry jam, making an enormous batch of 36 jars of the stuff for your own consumption is not necessarily the best idea; instead, plan to build up a range of jams and other spreads, perhaps making a few jars of strawberry, apple and blackberry, plum and apricot jam and supplementing these with lemon curd, marmalade, and some more unusual items such as hedgerow jelly and nettle jam.

Expand your larder, and your repertoire, with some savoury preserves. Again, too much green tomato chutney is unlikely to make you popular; instead, mix it up with other savoury preserves such as piccalilli, pesto, homemade ketchup, chilli jam, beetroot jam and lime pickle. Savoury preserves can add a whole new pizzazz to mealtimes, spicing up lunches such as ploughman’s and turning a simple ham sandwich into a foodie sensation.

With the veg growing season just around the corner, it makes sense to plan ahead – not only what to plant but also what you intend to do with all your homegrown food. Writing down a list of all the vegetables you and your family love is a good start, followed by a list of all your favourite jams, pickles and preserves. In this way, you can concentrate on the vegetables you know will be appreciated and you will have all the raw ingredients for that amazing larder full of produce.

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