Fabulous food jars

Fabulous food jars 

Cucumber, quinoa, tomato, onion, carrot and mint salad in a jar on rustic wooden table

It is often the little things in life that make a big difference to how something turns out. Some colourful cake cases can make your cupcakes look extra special, for example, while a pretty vase will take a humble bunch of daffodils from the garden and turn them into a gorgeous floral display that oozes sunshine and sophistication. It is the same with home preserves – a standard jam jar will do the job required of it perfectly well; however, a premium jar will look and feel so much better, setting off your jams and chutneys perfectly. In today’s post, we take a look at the Deluxe and Bonta ranges of glass food jars to show just how versatile and elegant they are.

Our range of deluxe food jars

Jar for jar, our deluxe glass food jars do not cost a great deal more than our standard range; however, they have more style and sophistication. Their straight sides and heavyweight glass make them feel solid and reliable when held in your hand and you can tell that these jars will give many years of loyal service, alongside your trusty maslin pan.

Like our other jam jars, lids for the Deluxe range are generally available in a choice of seven colours: gold, silver, black, white, green, red gingham check and blue gingham check. Sizes range from 125ml jars up to 500ml in size. All lids are vinegar-proof, so you can use them for chutneys, pickled eggs or onions, or any other vinegar-based preserve in addition to jam. Whether you are an artisan producer or a keen amateur, these jars will stand you in good stead and display your preserves perfectly.

Bonta food jars

Looking quite similar in shape and style to our Deluxe range of jars, Bonta jars are also hugely popular, especially with cooks who want something of a vintage look. Again, these jars feature super-straight sides, but the Bonta jars have a slightly deeper, lower rim just below the lid. The jars range in size from the tiny 125ml jars, which are perfect for curds or even miniature cakes or puddings, to the chunky 435ml jars, which will set off a good old-fashioned jar of jam – such as strawberry or raspberry – to a tee. There are two 212ml-sized jars in slightly different shapes: one follows the regular shape of the Bonta jars, while the other is slightly shorter and features a deep screw lid.

Take a look at the Deluxe and Bonta ranges. If you are serious about preserves, these are the jars for you!

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