Everything you need to make jam

22Everything you need to make jam

There often comes a point in people’s lives when they have an urge to make jam. Jam making is one of life’s simple pleasures and is so easy that anyone can make delicious jams, regardless of whether they are a good cook. If you have delayed making jam because you thought it was complicated or required a lot of equipment, read on to discover how simple it is and what basic equipment you need.

Basic equipment for making jam

Aside from the obvious ingredients of fruit, sugar and possibly an additional source of pectin, there are a few pieces of inexpensive equipment that you need to start your jam making journey.

Firstly, you need a jam pan, often known as a maslin pan. This is a specially sized and shaped pan, usually made of stainless steel. A full-sized maslin pan is usually nine litres in capacity; however, smaller pans are also available if you are not likely to make large quantities of jam. Don’t be tempted to try using a saucepan instead of a maslin pan, as it is all too easy to misjudge the size needed and find that it won’t hold all your jam!

The next tool you need is a good jam spoon. This should ideally be stainless steel and have a long handle to prevent burns. We even offer specially designed jam spoons with a clever curved handle that allows you to hook the spoon onto the side of the maslin pan.

The final piece of basic equipment you will need to start making jam is a jam thermometer. For jam to set properly, it is crucial that it reaches its setting point of 105°C. A jam thermometer takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures optimum results.

A jam funnel and a strainer are other optional pieces of equipment to consider. Jam funnels make it easy to pour the jam into jars without making a mess, while strainers remove any lumpy bits you don’t want in your jam.

Accessories for making jam

In addition to the basic equipment listed above, you obviously also need jam jars, lids and labels. We have the widest range of jam jars, from plain and simple jars through to fancy decorative jars that will transform your jam creations into small masterpieces. Set off with pretty labels and lid covers, your jams will soon look highly professional. You will be proudly giving away your jam as gifts to friends and family in no time at all and are likely to become hooked on jam making for life.

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