Economical Kilner jars for the home

Economical Kilner jars for the home

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In the world of home preserves, Kilner has been synonymous with quality and trust for decades. The firm’s iconic jars and bottles have graced kitchens and pantries for such a long time that it is easy to assume that Kilner is the only option when it comes to preserving jars and bottles; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Wares, we have a fabulous range of alternatives – and the originals, of course.

Kilner jars and their alternatives

The preserving jars that Kilner produces come in two main designs – the screw top jar and the clip top jar. Whilst we love the Kilner range, we appreciate that there are times when an economical alternative is needed. With the same secure clip and the same robust rubber seal, these alternative jars represent great value for money.

Our range of Kilner jars and similar jars

To view our range of Kilner jars and Kilner-style jars, just visit our online store. We have a dedicated category for Kilner products, and you can see all our Kilner alternatives by typing ‘clip top jar’ into our on-site search. From tiny 70ml jars to whopping three-litre jars, there is a jar to suit any preserving project you might think of.

Uses for these jars

This style of clip top jar is extremely versatile and can be used in all sorts of preserving applications. From storage to liqueur making, these jars can handle anything you throw at them – although not literally, of course!

One cute idea that has caught our attention recently is candy-infused gin. What could be more appealing than gin and candy – or sweets, as we call them in the UK. The idea is brilliantly simple – just take some sweets, such as Starbursts (Opal Fruits to our older readers) or Skittles, and split them into sets of different colours. Divide your gin between several clip top jars and then place all the sweets of one colour into a single jar. Allow the flavours to infuse for a week or two before enjoying this super-cute cocktail. Don’t be tempted to mix the sweet colours in a single jar, as you could end up with a murky-coloured infused gin rather than a vibrant and bright single colour.

If you have your own unique ideas for infused gin, why not share them with us via Facebook or Twitter? We love seeing what our creative customers cook up, and your photos inspire us to search out even more brilliant ideas for you to try at home.

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