Drinking jars for summer parties

Image 1Drinking jars for summer parties

Sturdy yet stylish, drinking jars look great, being casual, yet are sophisticated enough to enhance your summer entertaining. The luscious berries and produce available in the warmest months are just waiting to be showcased in a vessel that could not be better designed for outdoor gatherings. With a generous capacity, they are well suited for serving cocktails, beer or fruit juices and smoothies – any of the long drinks associated with lazy, sun-filled days.

Versatility of drinking jars

Drinks jars are the perfect blend of function and rustic style, the ultimate way to serve delicious beverages at garden parties and family festivities. They look good and are so convenient for occasions such as picnics and barbecues. Easy for adults and children to balance in all kinds of settings, spillage won’t be an issue like it is with the typical wine glass, which will just fall over placed on even the slightest uneven surface. No one wants to see a carefully-crafted cocktail disappearing into the grass.

Wares of Knutsford stocks a large range of drinks jars to complement relaxed events. Some drinks jars come with lids and reusable straws which mean drinks stay in and insects stay out. Other varieties, such as the Mason, which holds 450ml, are made of robust glass and come with a screw-on lid, that makes them a superb choice for filling and taking on a picnic.

Children will love the owl jar that comes with a tactile pattern and a tight-fitting, deep lid with a hole to accommodate the sturdy straw that accompanies it. Enhance the theme of your event by incorporating jars in matching colours.

Evolution of drinking jars

Jars with screw-on lids may seem like a simple idea, but someone had to think of it first. That task fell to John Landis Mason, a tinsmith from the US city of Philadelphia. His Mason jar was patented in 1858. The main purpose for the jars at that time was to assist with the important task of preserving food, especially as refrigeration was not widely available. The jars encompassed a huge variety of lids and styles (with a few battles over patents along the way). The jars are still used today for preserving food, particularly by home cooks. But the jars reached a whole new appreciative audience with the addition of handles that turned them into the fashionable and sensible party glassware on sale today.

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