DIY Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas table decorations

Make your Christmas table decorations unique this year by creating them yourself – not only will you save money but you’ll come up with something far more interesting and individual than the average supermarket decorations bumper pack.

Snowy votive Christmas table decorations

Use your glass jars to make pretty, seasonal homemade Xmas table decorations. Brush decoupage glue (available from craft shops) all around the sides of your jar, then dip into Epsom salts to create the effect of a snow covering. Tie a piece of traditional brown twine around the neck of the jar then use a hot glue gun to attach decorations – a few red berries and green tree fronds, or some lace ribbon with tiny pine cones sprayed with snow. Put a tea light inside and watch the glittery snow effect add a warming glow to your table!

Alternatively use your snowy jar to make a tiny snowman, sticking on a couple of black buttons for eyes, an orange plasticine nose, peppercorn mouth and a few strands of red wool for a scarf – the kids will love it!

Hang doily snowflakes

Paper doilies may look distinctly old fashioned on the table but can make great homemade Christmas decorations! Exploit their similarity to snowflakes by using a small foam roller to coat each side of the doilies with fabric stiffener, available online or from craft shops as a spray. Use enough of the liquid to saturate the paper and leave the doilies overnight to dry, then iron and hang with clear fishing line so they appear to be floating in the air. This looks amazing in front of a window!

Snowy landscape Christmas table decorations

Kids will love these homemade Xmas table decorations, a kind of natural world snow globe that uses upside down glass jars to showcase miniature Christmassy ‘landscapes’. Use tiny polystyrene packing balls or a snow spray to create a good base of ‘snow’ in the lid of your jar – it has to be substantial enough to be visible through the jar once screwed on. Lay the snowy jar lid on a table and create a miniature landscape inside, using tiny tree, pine cone and animal decorations. Pray a little more snow spray and sprinkle a little glitter over the finished product then add the clear glass jar on top. Line along your Xmas table as interesting, alternative centrepieces to flowers or candles.

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