An in-depth look at oil bottles

An in-depth look at oil bottles 

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Whenever we dine out on holiday, or even in a fancy restaurant in this country, most of us are impressed at how the various oils, vinegars and dressings are served. Somehow, Mediterranean countries in particular know just how much an infused oil or a carefully-prepared salad dressing can add to a meal. Often presented in delightfully-shaped oil and vinegar bottles, these extras can make an ordinary meal something to remember. All too often, however, we return home and forget all about these mouth-watering oils and vinegars. In today’s post, we take a look at our range of oil and vinegar bottles and offer some suggestions for creating your own homemade condiments.

An eclectic range of oil bottles

Our range of oil and vinegar bottles is comprehensive, with bottles available in sizes from 100ml up to one litre. We have bottles with screw caps, cork stoppers and pouring spouts, and in clear glass and green glass. Our vintage style oil bottle is easily the most popular oil bottle we stock and comes with three different lid styles: twist cap, screw cap, or Bakelite screw cap.

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Our glass oil fusion bottle is perfect for oils such as chilli oil, which is often served in Italian restaurants on authentically-cooked pizzas. If you make your own pizza bases and toppings for family pizza nights at home, why not go one step further and make your own chilli oil to drizzle over your creations?

What to put in your oil bottles

If you have never made an infused oil or vinegar before, don’t panic. It is easier than you might think; in fact, infused oils and vinegars are some of the simplest home preserving projects you could imagine. Start with a basic infused olive oil by adding a large sprig or two of rosemary to some good-quality extra virgin olive oil. Fill one of our bottles with the oil, then feed the rosemary into the bottle carefully and seal. Leave the bottle for a month or so before using to allow time for the rosemary flavour to infuse well.

Infused vinegar is just as easy to make and can add a real zing to fresh salads. Try a garlic and herb infused vinegar for a fresh and tasty dressing, or fennel and star anise for something a little more ambitious. Flavours such as these are guaranteed to taste sensational and to draw admiring comments from your dinner guests, who will assume you have been shopping in some high-end delicatessen. When you reveal you have made them yourself, your guests will be even more impressed!

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