Labels to Decorate Jam Jars

decoration jars and bottles

It’s a busy time of year in the world of jars. Many of our customers are busy making chutneys or autumn fruit preserves, and others are getting organised for Christmas, preparing home made gifts of all sorts in jars and bottles.

Ideas for decoration jars and bottles

Whatever you are putting in your jars and bottles, it’s important to label them correctly – without label decoration jars and bottles could easily end up being given to the wrong person… That’s fine if it means your ancient aunt accidentally gets a jar of sweets but not so great if your four year old niece receives a bottle of your finest home made vodka for Christmas! Labelling helps both yo and the gift recipient to identify the contents and to understand how to use them. Remember to label jars and bottles with not only the contents but als any other relevant information such as a use by date, storage instructions or an ingredients list.

So take a look around Wares of Knutsford’s labels and tags department. You’ll find a massive range of self adhesive labels with motifs ranging from fruit and vegetables to modern graphic prints, plus special herb and spice labels. There are also special labels for honey. The ‘Words of Art’ range of labels for jars is particularly popular, printed with original watercolours by mother and daughter artist team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff.

If you are presenting jars or bottles as gifts you should also consider decorating them with ribbons or tags. We have some exciting new additions to our labels and tags department n the form of a range of gift tags made from paper or wood. There are seasonal designs and options suitable for birthdays and other occasions. The stylish white silhouette cut tags are particularly elegant, and available in heart, butterfly and birdcage motifs. There is also a range of floral, owl, rabbit, bird and graphic tags – these look particularly smart with brown paper and twine wrapping. Don’t miss too the wooden ‘With Love’ tags and the cute Scottie dog gift tags!

Christmas decoration jars and bottles

This year we have some very traditional Christmas motifs on gift tags – think robins, snowmen and Father Christmas, to go with patterned or plain wrapping paper, gift boxes or to hang prettily from jars and bottles. The labels work so well with the jar boxes and bags from our packaging department and our card hamper trays.

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