Decorating wedding favour jars and bottles

Decorating wedding favour jars and bottles image1

It never ceases to amaze us just how creative and inventive our customers can be when it comes to thinking up new wedding favour ideas. From homemade alcoholic infusions to mini macaroons in a jar, and from wild flower seeds to cute snow globe ornaments, wedding couples across the country keep coming up with clever ideas to make their favours memorable and unique. In today’s blog post, we take a look at how to decorate the jars and bottles you have chosen for your own favours.

Tags and labels for your wedding favours

Jam jars, clip top jars and bottles are so versatile when it comes to using them for your favours. Fill jars with delicious homemade cookies, fudge or boiled sweets, or do something very different and plant herbs or succulents in them for a lasting memento. Bottles can also be filled with delightful infusions, such as rhubarb gin or strawberry vodka. No matter what you choose to put in these jars and bottles, it is important to get the finishing touches right.

You need some form of label or tag for the jar or bottle, of course, to record your names and the date of the wedding. Our ivory-coloured card tags are ideal for this job, featuring gorgeous love heart edging that creates the perfect romantic feel. If you can write in an elegant script, or even in calligraphy, so much the better. No matter what style you choose to write in, always practice first and take plenty of time so as not to waste any tags.

In addition to these tags, we have plenty of other romantically-designed tags to choose from, including lots of heart shapes and our personal favourite, the birdcage gift tags, which feature two little lovebirds in an ornate cage.

Packaging for your wedding favours 

wedding gift for guest

Once you have the contents for your favours sorted and have added a tag and perhaps a ribbon, it is time to think about how you would like to present the favour. Many wedding couples decide to pop the finished favour in a gift bag and we have plenty of these to choose from. We have boxes and pouches available in white, ivory, silver, gold, pink, and even brown with spotty dots. We also have larger pouches available to fit taller jars or bottles.

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding and whatever inspired idea you settle on for your favours, our range of packaging options is sure to offer the perfect fit for the exact look you have in mind.

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