Cupcake Decorating Kits

cupcake decorating kits

Despite a plethora of pretenders to its crown, the cupcake trend seems to be here to stay. The repertoire of designs and flavours is constantly expanding, with your imagination the only limit to creativity – well, that and your kitchen equipment list! To really go wild, take a look at the variety of cupcake decorating kits available to help you come up with your masterpiece.

Using cupcake decorating kits for beginners

There’s excellent fodder for cupcake creativity among the traditional shapes and colours that populate Halloween lore – witches, black cats, pumpkins and all manner of other ghostly and ghoulish motifs. Pick a design suited to your skills level – even novices can work wonders with some buttercream icing and a bit of food colouring.

Beginners can start with a simple monster eyes design. Cover a basic batch of chocolate cupcakes with green icing, then top with either shop bought eyeballs or make your own with small circles of white sugar paste topped with small ‘pupils’ of black sugar paste.

You can always buy preformed icing shapes to decorate your cupcakes, but it’s great fun to come up with your own by experimenting with cupcake decorating kits.

More complicated ideas for using cupcake decorating kits

If you’re ready to take the next step in your cupcake decorating career, try some witchy designs.

For each cake you will need a round biscuit such as an Oreo cookie or party ring and a wafer ice cream cone, slightly smaller than the biscuit in diameter. Cover both pieces in melted chocolate and stick the cone onto the cookie base to form a pointed hat shape. Decorate the ‘hat’ with coloured sprinkles or your choice of embellishment before the chocolate sets. Leave the hats to set on a sheet of greaseproof paper.

While the hats are setting, you can build your witch cakes. Ice half of your cupcakes on top with orange coloured buttercream. Remove the other half of the cupcakes from their paper cases and use a piping bag to cover all over with bright green coloured buttercream icing. Perch each one on top of an orange base. Now you can decorate witchy face shapes onto each green cupcake – you can use desiccated coconut for hair, liquorice for moles and eyebrows and various sweets for eyes, nose and mouths. Once your witches look suitably repulsive, finish them off by perching a chocolate hat onto each cake!

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